WAFI 2024
World AgriFood Innovation Conference

In an era marked by rapid socio-economic shifts and pressing environmental challenges, the demand for groundbreaking systematic innovations in global agrifood systems has reached a critical juncture. These innovations drive global nutrition, health, and sustainable, low-carbon initiatives, laying the foundation for inclusive prosperity and robust growth.

We invite top agrifood experts to join our transformative conference, aiming to prioritize pioneering ideas, cutting-edge discoveries, and fruitful industry-academic partnerships. Our goal is to create a dynamic platform for novel drivers of agrifood systems innovations, harnessing global expertise, and fostering collaboration among exceptional minds.

Additionally, WAFI proudly presents the World Agriood Innovation Expo, which serves as the premier platform for showcasing innovations in global agrifood systems transformation. We highlight advancements, pivotal projects, breakthrough technologies, and innovative products. Through international dialogues, collaborations, and practical applications, we drive innovations and promote sustainable agriculture for a more efficient and inclusive future.

Join us in reshaping the future of agrifood systems through collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision, paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous global community. Engage with global experts, innovators, investors, and visionaries as we collectively shape the future of our agrifood systems.

Key Event Themes

AI and Digital Technology

Prioritizing data-driven decisions, precision farming, and digital infrastructure for global food security and sustainable development.

Nutrition and Health

Nutrition and health are crucial for quality of life and development. Agriculture plays a key role in improving food production and value while managing health risks.

Livestock and Aquatics

Livestock and aquatics are vital components of the food system due to their significant contributions to nutrition, livelihoods, and economic development.

Resiliene and Sustainability

Resilience and sustainability are critical for the transformation of agrifood systems, ensuring long-term food security, environmental health, and economic stability.


Smallholders are crucial for transforming agrifood systems by enhancing food security, sustainability, economic development, innovation, and climate resilience. Supporting them with resources, technology, market access, and favorable policies is essential for developing inclusive, sustainable, and resilient agrifood systems that can address future challenges.

Women Employment

Women’s employment is crucial to the transformation of agrifood systems, contributing to productivity, sustainability, and social equity.

Novel Food

Addressing food security with sustainable products (such as energy, protein, micronutrients, etc.) and innovative technologies, to promote food systems transformation and global food sustainability.


Biotechnology is crucial for transforming agrifood systems by enhancing productivity, sustainability, and resilience.

Policy and Governance

Policy and governance are essential for transforming agrifood systems, as they create the framework and conditions necessary for sustainable development, equitable resource distribution, and effective responses to emerging challenges.


Finance is essential for the transformation of agrifood systems, as it provides the necessary resources for innovation, growth, and sustainability.

Warning: Beware of Scammers

The World AgriFood Innovation Conference is committed to protecting the privacy of our Clients. Recently, we have received reports of individuals posing as conference staff and attempting to obtain money by selling fake lists of attendees or other sensitive information. We hereby declare for the record that the World AgriFood Innovation Conference will never sell information about any attendees or partners. We strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations, and give your personal information the highest level of protection.

If you receive any email or phone call claiming to be from the Conference asking you to pay for data or provide personal information, please be vigilant and do not believe it; And check with the Organizing committee in time [office@wafiexpo.com]

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