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WAFI 2024
World AgriFood Innovation Conference

In an era marked by rapid socio-economic shifts and pressing environmental challenges, the demand for groundbreaking systematic innovations in global agrifood systems has reached a critical juncture. These innovations drive global nutrition, health, and sustainable, low-carbon initiatives, laying the foundation for inclusive prosperity and robust growth.

We invite top agrifood experts to join our transformative conference, aiming to prioritize pioneering ideas, cutting-edge discoveries, and fruitful industry-academic partnerships. Our goal is to create a dynamic platform for novel drivers of agrifood systems innovations, harnessing global expertise, and fostering collaboration among exceptional minds.

Key Event Themes

  • AI and Digital Technology

  • Novel Food

  • Nutrition and Health

  • Livestock and Aquatics

  • Biotechnology

  • Policy and Governance

  • Resilience and Sustainability

  • Smallholders

  • Women Employment

  • Finance




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Join us at the World AgriFood Innovation (WAFI) Conference, a global platform shaping the future of food systems. From October 10th to 12th, 2024, in Pinggu, Beijing, China, explore the theme 'Climate Change & AgriFood Systems Transformation' with leading scientists, educators, investors, and entrepreneurs.

To spark dynamic dialogues, unveil cutting-edge research, nurture partnerships, and fuel agrifood innovations, the agenda includes a main forum, five stakeholder forums, parallel sub-forums, and side events.Don't miss this opportunity to drive breakthroughs in agrifood innovation! 


The World AgriFood Technology Expo is the premier platform for showcasing innovations in global agrifood systems transformation. We highlight advancements, pivotal projects, breakthrough technologies, and innovative products.

Through international dialogues, collaborations, and practical applications, we drive innovations and promote sustainable agriculture for a more efficient and inclusive future.

Join the global movement for a Sustainable future

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Whether you're an exhibitor, sponsor, attendee, or passionate advocate for climate action, there's a place for you at the World Agrifood Innovation (WAFI) Conference.

Let's work together to create a positive and lasting impact.

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