Facilitating meaningful collaborations within agrifood innovations.

Join us at the World AgriFood Innovation (WAFI) Conference, a global platform shaping the future of food systems. From October 10th to 12th, 2024, in Pinggu, Beijing, China, explore the theme 'Climate Change & AgriFood Systems' with leading scientists, educators, investors, and entrepreneurs.

To spark dynamic dialogues, unveil cutting-edge research, nurture partnerships, and fuel agrifood innovation, the agenda includes a main forum, five stakeholder forums, parallel sessions, and side events. Through collaborations with top agricultural institutions, companies, and associations worldwide, we will delve into key topics such as AI and Digital Technology, Novel Food, Nutrition and Health, Livestock and Aquatics, Biotechnology, Policy and Governance, Resilience and Sustainability, Smallholders, Finance, and more.

Don't miss this opportunity to reshape the future of agrifood systems through collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision.

Tracks at #WAFI2024

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Day 2

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Why attend?

Catalyzing Knowledge-based Investment and Actions

Bridging Academic Institutions, Industries and Policy makers

Learning about the Latest Climate-Change Response Solutions

Contributing to the Low-Carbon Transformation in AgriFood Systems

Experiencing AgriFood Innovation Solutions In Action

Building Meaningful Connections and Networking Benefits

Warning: Beware of Scammers

The World AgriFood Innovation Conference is committed to protecting the privacy of our Clients. Recently, we have received reports of individuals posing as conference staff and attempting to obtain money by selling fake lists of attendees or other sensitive information. We hereby declare for the record that the World AgriFood Innovation Conference will never sell information about any attendees or partners. We strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations, and give your personal information the highest level of protection.

If you receive any email or phone call claiming to be from the Conference asking you to pay for data or provide personal information, please be vigilant and do not believe it; And check with the Organizing committee in time []

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