Facilitating meaningful collaborations within agrifood innovations.

The World AgriFood Technology Expo aims to be the leading platform showcasing innovations in global agrifood systems transformation. Our mission is to highlight the latest advancements, pivotal projects, breakthrough technologies, and innovative products in agrifood systems transformation. Through international dialogues and collaborations, we strive to promote innovation, translate achievements into practical applications, and encourage widespread adoption of agrifood innovations. Ultimately, we aim to guide global agriculture towards more efficient, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable pathways.

The 2024 Expo, scheduled from October 10th to 12th at the Beijing Jinhai Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, will emphasize critical domains and cutting-edge frontiers of agrifood systems innovations. We aim to drive meaningful advancements and foster worldwide cooperation by offering a premier platform for exhibition, negotiation, investment engagement, and collaborative exchange in the agrifood sector.

Why Exhibit?

  • Enhance Visibility

    The World AgriFood Innovation Expo provides a dedicated platform to showcase your innovations, products, and technologies to a targeted audience of industry professionals, potential partners, investors, and customers. It often attracts media coverage and publicity on a global scale. Your participation in such event can garner attention from international media outlets, industry publications, and digital platforms, amplifying your brand's visibility and influence across borders.

  • Business Opportunities

    The World AgriFood Technology Expo attracts a diverse range of participants, including key stakeholders, decision-makers, and experts in the agrifood sector. Engaging with these individuals through networking events, seminars, and discussions can lead to collaborations, joint ventures, and market expansion initiatives.

  • Global Influence

    The World AgriFood Technology Expo brings together industry leaders, experts, investors, media and stakeholders from various countries, fostering networking opportunities with influential global players. This exposure helps in reaching a diverse international audience and expanding your market presence beyond domestic borders, enhancing your global influence. 

  • Access New Market

    By participating in the exhibition, you gain firsthand insights into emerging markets, consumer preferences, regulatory frameworks, industry trends, and opportunities shaping the agrifood industry. This knowledge can guide your strategic decisions in entering new markets and adapting your offerings to meet global demands, thereby increasing your global influence.

Warning: Beware of Scammers

The World AgriFood Innovation Conference is committed to protecting the privacy of our Clients. Recently, we have received reports of individuals posing as conference staff and attempting to obtain money by selling fake lists of attendees or other sensitive information. We hereby declare for the record that the World AgriFood Innovation Conference will never sell information about any attendees or partners. We strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations, and give your personal information the highest level of protection.

If you receive any email or phone call claiming to be from the Conference asking you to pay for data or provide personal information, please be vigilant and do not believe it; And check with the Organizing committee in time [office@wafiexpo.com]

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